New technology to cope with ductwork leaks

January 17, 2017

Ductwork New York

The energy emissions are growing every year, and the worst of all it’s not due to increased usage only. Often it would simply energy waste. How does it happen that we waste that much energy? The answer is leakage in ductworks.

Aeroseal is a revolutionary new method of ductwork New York sealing. Many households and building owners have already appreciated the technology that lets to reduce significantly energy losses.

Did you know that up to 40 percent of heating and cooling energy loss can occur just because of the poor ductwork? It’s unfortunately too often the case that ductwork New York are leaking. The holes and gaps can be found in the ductwork New York both in residential and commercial buildings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy the majority of Americans relinquish the idea of wasting money and surviving at poorly balanced temperatures for it’s not easy to get an efficient seal on every conjunction. Even provided the engagement of the best professionals of ductwork New York installation the absence of leakage cannot be 100 percent guaranteed.

The rapidly developing technologies give us more opportunities nowadays to construct more energy efficient building which will let us decrease the energy costs and the emission caused pollution as well. All that due to more watchful and attentive energy use. Residential and commercial buildings account for as much as 2/5 of total U.S. energy consumption. And correspondingly about 10 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in United States is generated by residential and commercial sectors. These statistics are simply alarming, especially knowing how much energy is simply wasted in leaking ductwork New York only.

Aeroseal – that the name of the firm – has offered a revolutionary new way of recognizing and sealing leaks. It has taken almost seven years to get from laboratory to the market and commercialize the product. The way of functioning is inside out by first closing off the inlet and exit points of a ductwork. The spray is put all over the ductworks to fill in the cracks, holes and leaks. The result is eliminating 90 to 95 percent of leakages in ductwork New York. By now the firm is present on the markets not only in the States but as well in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia. It has gained enormous popularity due to the fact that leakage accounts for the most cases of energy loss, and that is a common problem for households and building owners worldwide. And more and more ductworks New York are sealed thanks to Aeroseal for with growing energy cost in the area everybody is striving to avoid leakages and therefore energy waste.




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