The hi-tech ceiling of the Fraunhofer frees you from the air conditioning

December 15, 2016


The innovation from Frauenhofer- a leading research center in Germany – is about to change the market of traditional air conditioning. A breakthrough in the industry is due to a fluoropolymer film developed by the center.

As we are approaching the future all the HVAC systems and ventilation ductworks we have known before may soon belong to the past. What about a 70% energy-saving HVAC equipment the reacts by itself o the ambient temperature and besides repeals bacteria?

The modern trend in air conditioning ventilation ductworks and home automation industry is first of all to reduce energy consumption, to become more eco-friendly and to develop smart technologies which can automatically react to the rooms air quality and correct it accordingly to reach the set temperature and moisture.

Special panels made of heat transmission can replace modern air conditioning systems with ventilation ductworks. These panels consume 70% less energy compared to the conventional HVAC equipment and repel mold and bacteria.

The ecological condition of the indoor environments could be on the verge of a genuine revolution in the technological and economic terms. A team of scientists at the Fraunhofer, renowned German Research Center, has developed new hi-tech panels capable of cooling with minimum energy consumption. The system is similar to modern radiant floor heating systems, but inside ductworks circulates cold water instead of hot water. Researchers have developed an innovative technology which prevents the formation of internal condensation: a special thermal conductive polymer film that, once applied to the panels, has the same effect of the insulating glass, allowing it to function well even under the dew point (where normally condensation occurs).

New cooled surfaces can absorb heat emitted by people in the room in a process that is direct, without any noise and free of drafts. The system offers distinct advantages over traditional air conditioning systems and ventilation ductworks. First of all, consumed will be reduced up to 70%. The panels can be cooled mechanically via a switch or simply by means of a motion sensor, and in just three minutes generate a comfortable climate in the room below: “it’s like to be out on a cold night.”

But the ceiling of the Fraunhofer does much more: designed in a modular way, it can also integrate LED lighting and acoustical improvement in external environments while avoiding the problems of mold and bacteria with which you have to compare traditional air conditioning systems and ventilation ductworks. The concept was funded by the Fraunhofer Venture Group and the team is awaiting the registration of the patent with the aim of giving away the spin off interpanel GmbH and enter the market from the middle of next year. The multifunctional system will be launched at the BAU trade fair from 16-21 January 2017 as part of the special exhibition “Fraunhofer CityLaboratory”.




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