Fujitsu General Opens on Broadway

January 22, 2017

HVAC commercial NY

Fujitsu has recently opened a large showroom entirely devoted to VRF systems on Broadway, in a luxurious spot in the middle of the Times Square. What makes the company invest and why it sees that much potential?

Fujitsu is opening a large showroom on Broadway which will serve as well as educational premises for engineers, designer, building owners and contractors for HVAC commercial in NY.

In the new Fujitsu showroom on Broadway in the heart of Times Square in New York future customers will find on exposition an array of HVAC products both for residential use and HVAC commercial NY. According to Fujitsu business development director Tomokazu Hosoi HVAC commercial in New York has got a colossal capacity, especially in its VRF segment [variable refrigerant flow]. First of all because this technology lets reduce the costs, and energy cost in New York are especially high to the disadvantage of all HVAC commercial NY users. And secondly due to the abundance in skyscrapers and other lofty constructions. Fujitsu plans an expansion in the HVAC commercial NY market.”

The showroom is meant not only as a selling space but rather as an educational premise where HVAC commercial NY professionals can share their experience and contractors, architects or building owners can come to know and get new useful information on various possibilities of different systems. This kind of collaboration will for sure be a win-win to all the involved. This magnificent location on 1450 Broadway, just around the corner from the Empire State Building will be used for all kind of presentations and in-depth trainings, design consultations and seminars devoted to HVAC commercial NY and HVAC residential as well. “It’s a gorgeous facility.” said Matt Peterson, COO and president, Fujitsu.

VRF sector has been growing immensely, it has shown double digit growth in the recent years and that has pushed Fujitsu to the decision of investment. The goal is to be among the first ones to benefit from the New York market potential. The company invests heavily in research and development as well, to enhance the product qualities and to fill in the possible gaps in the range. One of the main focuses for VRF systems expansion is HVAC commercial NY. While some years ago, VRF has been restricted rather to luxurious private housing nowadays VRF is entering largely HVAC commercial NY scene, becoming more and more popular with building owners as they come to recognize the long-term savings possible due to new technologies.




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