Air conditioning in offices: is it a blessing or a curse?

Commercial Air Conditioning NY

If you have ever worked in the office you can clearly imagine that there will always be the commercial air conditioning ny supporters and oppositionists, those who complain that air conditioning is often set to “arctic” temperatures.

Five percent of annual energy consumption in the United States is air conditioners only. Commercial air conditioning ny is a huge market for numerous HVAC manufacturers and contractors and as well a blessing for so many people who cannot just live and work without the fresh air.

That’s true, commercial air conditioning ny can be a curse for some thin-blooded people. The reasoning commercial air conditioning ny against is often like follows: a waste of fuel that can also have repercussions on health, conditions affecting the airways as the classic colds, sore throats and bronchitis. It’s evident that on very hot days commercial air conditioning ny is essential, however the perception of cold is often subjective. Controversial as it might seem it is not the same for men and women. The gender differences do really matter. In fact there is a common standard of preset temperatures for commercial air conditioning NY which is used by lots of building owners. This temperature standard was calculated ages ago taking a male as a departure point. At that moment women at the offices were not that much present as nowadays. The calculation for the model, in fact, is based on menswear parameters (jacket and tie) and metabolic rate at rest of men, that percentage can differ even by 35% compared with the values showed by women on equal conditions.

A recent study conducted by the Department of environmental design in New York, Cornell University, which showed that if the commercial air conditioning NY is too strong, the average productivity falls. The experiments conducted in Florida would have shown that the beating time to the PC and the percentage of errors are lower if the work environment does not reach too low temperatures. In practice the cold distract and blur productivity. When one works in a private room the problem is personal, but what to do in case of open space? How can we establish the right temperature in the office and avoid problems among employees? In principle, commercial air conditioning NY should provide the temperature inside the office never exceeding by more than 3 degrees (5 in particular extreme cases afa) the external one. A temperature between 22 and 25 degrees is a good compromise. But the precautions are many others.





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