New possibilities for commercial HVAC and building automation

November 21, 2016

Commercial Air Conditioning

Panasonic and Schneider Electric are working together to facilitate energy management. The synergy of commercial air conditioning systems with building automation components should enhance building efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Panasonic Corporation, a global leader in the development of a wide range of electronic technologies and solutions, and Schneider Electric, an international specialist in energy management and automation, have disclosed a synergic commercial air conditioning and construction solution at Chillventa, a fair in Germany. Possibilities for the control of heating and cooling systems technologies, can make modern buildings more energy-efficient. The partnership is based on the expertise and market leadership of the two companies in the areas of commercial air conditioning engineering and building automation.

Together, the companies have developed a new, wireless interface solution that enables serial communication of the Schneider Electronics automation systems and room controllers with the Panasonic VRF air conditioning systems.

Through this integration, real estate owners have a clear overview of central building systems such as climate technology, lighting, security, energy and power supply, on a single screen at any time. On the basis of these data the systems can be optimized and thus the energy consumption can be reduced.

Recently Panasonic has massively invested in development of commercial air conditioning systems and support services to answer the market’s needs, and now anticipates to be able to propose to the customers operating expenses reduction by combining the benefits of building management with the most innovative VRF technology.

Energy costs can be reduced thanks to interconnection between commercial air conditioning and building control systems. Regardless of the type, size and age of the building Panasonic/Schneider Electric can offer a complete building management system. This strong digital support significantly increases the transparency of the building environment.

VRF climate systems are growing more and more wide-spread in commercial buildings. Their feature of adapting their output to the actual demand is very beneficial as thus significantly less energy is consumed. Panasonic’s VRF system (ECOi / FSV) has been optimized for energy efficiency. The system is extremely reliable and it still heats or cools reliably even at extreme outside temperatures of -25 ° C to 52 ° C °.

Schneider Electric’s SmartStruxure ™ system maximizes building efficiency. In addition, operating costs are reduced throughout the entire life cycle of an installation by integrating specially adapted hardware, software and systems and service offerings into a system. This allows buildings to be professionally managed and operated with energy efficiency. Individual “information islands” are also integrated into the system so that real-time insights are created that enable the facility manager to make more intelligent decisions to optimize energy management.

The joint commercial air conditioning solution from Panasonic and Schneider Electric is available worldwide, with the exception of the Japanese market.




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