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Denair HVAC proudly incorporates aerosol duct sealing technology, a breakthrough developed in 1994 by the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This innovative method effectively seals leaks in air distribution ducts by injecting a mist of sealant particles into a pressurized duct system. The key to its success lies in preventing these particles from adhering to the duct surfaces until they encounter leaks. Once at the leaks, the particles leave the airstream and seal the edges, ensuring a comprehensive seal.

How It Works

The aerosolized particles are uniquely drawn to leaks for several reasons:

  1. Directed Airflow: All air flows through the leaks while supply and return grilles are temporarily sealed.
  2. Suspended Particles: Continuous airflow keeps the lightweight aerosol particles floating.
  3. Collision at Leak Edges: The sharp turns of the airstream at the leaks cause particles to collide with and adhere to the leak edges.
  4. Effective Sealing: Solid particle adhesion seals leaks up to one inch in diameter.

Advantages of Aerosol Duct Sealing

Aerosol duct sealing offers several benefits over traditional methods:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: It effectively seals even the most inaccessible leaks.
  2. Efficiency: This method is less time-consuming, allowing Denair’s contractors to quickly seal leaks.
  3. Cost-Effective: With a high success rate, homeowners save money by avoiding the need for repeated sealing efforts.

Mobile Aerosol-Sealant Injection System (MASIS)

Denair HVAC is at the forefront of utilizing the latest in aerosol duct sealing technology, including the Mobile Aerosol-Sealant Injection System (MASIS). Designed for large commercial buildings, MASIS enables simultaneous aerosol injection processes for extensive projects. This system features a mobile cart with an air compressor and a computerized sealing monitoring device, centering around a compact, highly efficient aerosol-sealant injector.

MASIS Features

MASIS offers significant advancements over traditional commercial aerosol injectors:

  • Increased Sealing Rate: Five to ten times greater sealing efficiency.
  • Concentrated Sealant: More effective sealing material.
  • Reduced Heating Power: Energy-efficient operation.
  • Compact Design: Easy to maneuver and install in various settings.
  • Minimal Invasiveness: Disrupts operations minimally during installation.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Simplified servicing process.

Denair NYC HVAC leverages these cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in all HVAC systems, providing our clients with superior service and significant cost savings.

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