HVAC Thermostat

At Denair HVAC NYC, we take the utmost pride in offering a wide range of Wi-Fi thermostats to meet every household’s needs, putting homeowners in firm control of their heating and cooling needs. You can reduce your energy consumption and slash your energy costs by installing a programmable thermostat in your home or office. Denair HVAC provides all the services and solutions needed to make your home or commercial structure more secure, more reliable, and energy efficient.


Traditional Thermostat

Traditional HVAC thermostat can be categorized into two main groups: programmable and non-programmable. While non-programmable thermostats tend to be more cost-effective, they are also very old-fashioned. Non-programmable thermostats necessitate setting the temperature manually to heat or cool the HVAC unit. However, this can be very inaccurate. In contrast, programmable thermostats are equipped with a digital interface that enables precise timed programming. These automatically adjust the hot or cool temperature based on a predetermined time. They also offer the additional benefit of allowing multiple set points each day. Regardless, traditional thermostats are less impressive than the technological advancements of modern Wi-Fi HVAC thermostat.



wifi-thermostatWi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi HVAC thermostat are the latest technological innovations in heating and cooling control in your home or office. The main premise of this superior technology is basic temperature setting, scheduling, and the same digital interface options of the traditional programmable and non-programmable thermostats. Wi-Fi thermostats offer a barrage of special features for added convenience and a superior experience. These added features include improved energy efficiency and feedback, remote programming, geofencing, learning, and alerts. Sync these thermostats to a Wi-Fi router to gain remote access to your home or office from a computer or mobile application on your Smartphone or tablet at any location with internet access. A Wi-Fi thermostat keeps you connected to your home or office regardless of your location.

Wi-Fi thermostats are the key to cutting down on your heating and cooling costs. Costs for heating and cooling can easily soar when the efficiency of an HVAC system is not a priority. Wi-Fi thermostats provide improved energy efficiency by giving property owners the power to adjust their thermostat settings from any location. At Denair HVAC, we offer a wide range of thermostats that can meet the unique requirements of each property owner.

Denair HVAC has been providing state of the art services to homeowners and commercial property owners over 12 years. We take pride in providing heating and air conditioning services that are provided by our experienced and friendly technicians. Our technicians install the thermostats, download the apps to homeowners’ devices and ensure everything is running smoothly. We ensure proper installation of pre-installed thermostats for efficient operation and cost savings. Our goal is to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable at home or work. Contact us today to learn how the right thermostat can drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs!

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