Saving Our Future Never Felt Better.

Denair is an HVAC company using smart sensors and controls to make commercial buildings more safe, efficient, and comfortable than ever before. With over a million data points and decisions made daily per fifty thousand square feet of installed space, Denair predictively manages indoor air quality, proactively improves ventilation from outside air per CDC guidelines, and brings companies industry-leading energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions, right out of the box.


Tomorrow is Here Today

Machine learning algorithms analyze millions of data points every minute for predictive, proactive building control.

Powered by the Cloud

Data joins third party weather forecasts to create a real-time thermodynamic model of your built environment.


Our software defined hardware works to deliver the most optimized profiles and sequences for your building needs.


Lower Carbon Footprint

Commercial buildings are the fourth largest source of global CO2 emissions. We're cleaning up.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Smart sensors allow for advanced IAQ management of VOC and CO2, making spaces healthier and more productive.

More Efficient Buildings

We use cloud computing to predict, analyze, monitor and control hot and cold spots before they occur.

Meet CDC Standards with Epidemic Mode

Improve the safety of offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, or other indoor spaces with a system that has been tested by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and automatically updates to meet CDC and national guidelines.

Control and Monitor from Anywhere

Gain portfolio-wide building automation with remote monitoring and management.
Works Out of the Box
Our intuitive system is ready to use from day one - no controls expertise or custom programming required.
A Forest in Every Box
The average install per 50,000 sqft of space is the carbon equivalent of planting 161 trees.
HVAC controls play a crucial role in optimizing energy usage, reducing operating costs, and ensuring occupant comfort and safety. By continuously monitoring and adjusting HVAC equipment based on real-time conditions, these systems help maintain consistent indoor environments while minimizing energy waste.
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Smart Node™

An equipment controller with flexible, software-defined configurations which makes installation simple and fast. The Smart Node features multiple inputs and outputs, plus 900MHz and Bluetooth, for a range of capabilities.

Smart Stat™

Smart Stat™ thermostat and controller provides an integrated, wall- mounted user interface which senses occupancy, temperature, VOC, derived CO2, humidity, light, sound, and optionally, supply air temperature.

Central Control Unit™

Our wall-mounted aggregation gateway for the wireless terminal equipment modules. The CCU consists of a tablet running Android software and a Control Mote that provides inputs & outputs for connecting to central plant equipment.

Facilisight & Portfolio Energy Manager™

The Facilisight app allows for remote monitoring and control of your system. Oversee and manage the system across an entire building portfolio. The Portfolio Energy Manager™ grants multi-site visibility and insights on lighting, HVAC, energy consumption intensity and costs.
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