Air conditioning in offices: is it a blessing or a curse?

February 1, 2017

Commercial Air Conditioning NY If you have ever worked in the office you can clearly imagine that there will always be the commercial air conditioning ny supporters and oppositionists, those who complain that air conditioning is often set to "arctic" temperatures. Five percent of annual energy consumption in the United States is air conditioners only. Commercial air conditioning ny is a huge market for numerous HVAC manufacturers and contractors and as well a blessing for so many people who cannot…

Fujitsu General Opens on Broadway

January 22, 2017

HVAC commercial NY Fujitsu has recently opened a large showroom entirely devoted to VRF systems on Broadway, in a luxurious spot in the middle of the Times Square. What makes the company invest and why it sees that much potential? Fujitsu is opening a large showroom on Broadway which will serve as well as educational premises for engineers, designer, building owners and contractors for HVAC commercial in NY. In the new Fujitsu showroom on Broadway in the heart of Times…

New technology to cope with ductwork leaks

January 17, 2017

Ductwork New York The energy emissions are growing every year, and the worst of all it’s not due to increased usage only. Often it would simply energy waste. How does it happen that we waste that much energy? The answer is leakage in ductworks. Aeroseal is a revolutionary new method of ductwork New York sealing. Many households and building owners have already appreciated the technology that lets to reduce significantly energy losses. Did you know that up to 40 percent…

New HVAC systems save New York air

December 15, 2016

HVAC system installation  New York The environmental protection is a hot topic nowadays. Notably it has to do a lot with heating. How can we improve our life quality with new systems HVAC system installation  New York? In fact there is not that much to do however the greenhouse gasses emissions can be significantly reduces due to these simple measures. Property owners at big US cities are obliged to report annually their expenses on cooling, heating, etc. Of course costs…

The hi-tech ceiling of the Fraunhofer frees you from the air conditioning

Ductworks The innovation from Frauenhofer- a leading research center in Germany - is about to change the market of traditional air conditioning. A breakthrough in the industry is due to a fluoropolymer film developed by the center. As we are approaching the future all the HVAC systems and ventilation ductworks we have known before may soon belong to the past. What about a 70% energy-saving HVAC equipment the reacts by itself o the ambient temperature and besides repeals bacteria? The…

How to build a green building: an example from northern Italy

HVAC equipment A building in the Italian town of Vimercate in the north of Italy in the region of Lombardy has been awarded a platinum rating level from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). A range of technologies and systems developed to reduce energy consumption and increase the welfare of the dwellers were implemented in a building in Italian Vimercate, including some new approaches to HVAC equipment. Here’s an overview of the main technical solutions used. One of the…

New possibilities for commercial HVAC and building automation

November 21, 2016

Commercial Air Conditioning Panasonic and Schneider Electric are working together to facilitate energy management. The synergy of commercial air conditioning systems with building automation components should enhance building efficiency and reduce operating costs. Panasonic Corporation, a global leader in the development of a wide range of electronic technologies and solutions, and Schneider Electric, an international specialist in energy management and automation, have disclosed a synergic commercial air conditioning and construction solution at Chillventa, a fair in Germany. Possibilities for the…

Heating Cooling Systems: new design and improved performance

Heating Cooling Systems Design of commercial HVAC (heating cooling systems) systems serves not only aesthetic purposes but becomes a model for the improvement of past technologies. The design of the new Samsung heating cooling system HVAC 360 follows a 360 degree spherical model that allows to convey air without the use of lamellar system for the direction of flow, integrating, in particular, a Booster Fan that uses pressure to generate a 360-degree spatial airflow. The room temperature is constantly monitored…

Data centers air conditioning – Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC Data centers all around the world generate massive amounts of heat in course of data management and processing and demand a proper commercial HVAC in order to avoid over-heating. Nowadays data centers are essential for an array of different business, who simply cannot do without. And the demand for IT performance is constantly growing. Trends such as cloud technologies and big data computing, as well as the increasing use of multimedia services by private households, have led to…


April 8, 2016

At Denair HVAC NYC , we take the utmost pride in offering a wide range of Wi-Fi thermostats to meet every household’s needs, putting homeowners in firm control of their heating and cooling needs. You can reduce your energy consumption and slash your energy costs by installing a programmable thermostat in your home or office. (more…)


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