Heating Cooling Systems: new design and improved performance

Heating Cooling Systems

Design of commercial HVAC (heating cooling systems) systems serves not only aesthetic purposes but becomes a model for the improvement of past technologies. The design of the new Samsung heating cooling system HVAC 360 follows a 360 degree spherical model that allows to convey air without the use of lamellar system for the direction of flow, integrating, in particular, a Booster Fan that uses pressure to generate a 360-degree spatial airflow.

The room temperature is constantly monitored to ensure maximum comfort, providing homogeneous air distribution inside the room, with an increase of the area of coverage by 39% compared to a conventional air conditioning model. The conventional cassettes are therefore replaced by this innovative model that can provide 100% of the incoming air volume without loss.

Samsung HVAC 360 guaranties a conjoint operation with the exterior unit. Besides, the efficiency of an inverter system and its compactness make it perfectly match the idea of an eco-friendly product. Especially compared to conventional heating cooling systems that cannot rely as HVAC 360 on a speed-variable compression system. Saving energy, in this case, is remarkable, considering that, independently, the machine will turn off reaching the ideal preset temperature.

Samsung DVM S is the first air conditioning system capable of achieving a 30HP (84 kW) of peak power per unit, including a new Super Inverter Scroll Compressor with flash injection technology, which improves performance by 21% compared to conventional heating cooling systems.

The developers have spent four years to complete a heating cooling system that integrates the principles of eco-sustainability and energy efficiency. The size, in this case, has been reduced to a minimum, by providing a simultaneous reduction in the number of compressors (from three units to two units) and an improvement of the thermal management achieved by separating the heat exchanger pins. What is the result? It weighs 29% less and 40% less space is required for its installation.

In addition, the Samsung DVM Chiller combines an air-cooled chiller with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) in a compact unit that can significantly reduce the required size of the installation area. Furthermore, the models can be combined in various ways to extend the capacity up to 320 tons.

Samsung DVM S ECO, finally, is a new type of side discharge designed to provide a unique solution for apartments and offices. The design was equipped with an Inverter Scroll Compressor that is considered to improve heating by 20%, and besides the air flow by at least 10% compared to standard side discharge VRF units.

Samsung HVACB Division is focusing a lot on the engineering of components. Samsung strives to meet their customers’ expectations both in residential and commercial heating cooling system to ensure energy savings and offer products that would provide the maximum in respect of eco-sustainability and reduction of necessary installation space.

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